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Certified Cloud Partners

As a Certified Google & Microsoft Cloud Partner across the industry, we offer unprecedented security, stability and performance.
Based in India, they are working globally and have their heads in the clouds.

Their focus is on helping organizations digital transformation to Build Cloud Ecosystems in business new era.

Drive your team.

Norx helps companies embrace the cloud, connect their employees to their mobile devices, and innovate in ways they never have before. From initial scoping to company-wide deployment, change management training and support, Norx takes you on every step of your journey to the cloud, by making sure Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 is used to its full potential, we can help your team achieve greater success.

Why Cloud?

Cost Management /Cost Effective

Cloud helps to put off on your capital expenditure from the get-go – because you invest only for what you use. Get round about unwanted computer hardware, software, and other IT equipment that not only cost money but take up valuable real estate in the office as well.

Faster Time to Revenue

Cloud solutions shorten your time-to-market and allow you to easily offer your products, services, or applications to customers speedily around the world.  This means that your projects can take off a lot sooner than other companies that are solely dependent on physical IT infrastructure.

Scale Up & Scale Out with Ease

Businesses grow and being in the cloud gives companies the ability to quickly meet the demand for more bandwidth. In an instant, your needs can be scaled up or scaled down, depending on your requirements of the day.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Freedom to share and sync on documents and applications in real time. In addition, with on-demand cloud resources, your business is free to try out new ideas without worrying about having to invest heavily in supporting systems –innovative thinking to grow at super speed.

Track Your Business, Your Way

Having your business in the cloud gives you absolute control over your critical operations and IT budget. with the flexibility of cloud pricing models and resources, you control exactly what you want to deploy.  Plus, with optimum business uptime, you’ll get the best on your returns of investment.

Why choose Norx as your
Cloud Partner?

Feel the true power of the cloud.

We help move your systems to cloud platform. As experienced
Google and Microsoft product solution specialists and consultants, we make sure your whole
organisation stay on top of the technological curve, and utilize Google Workspace and M365 to its full potential.

We have hundreds of happy users. Not convinced? Hear it from them:

“We would recommend Norx to any organisation looking for a trusted, reliable partner to help them move to the cloud. Our global offices operated very different IT infrastructure, leaving us very disjointed – Norx were able to migrate all of our
email and file data from various systems to the cloud
with G Suite.”

– D. James, CEO

“We already had M365 in place in our business, but we knew we were only using about 5% of it. Working with Norx allowed us
to capitalise on the other 95% and make the most of the technology for us.”

– Aniket Singh, CTO

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