Moving to the Cloud

Every day we help organisations move to the cloud with Google.

We pride ourselves in providing a high quality service to all our clients through maintaining close relationships. Our experience
lies in being able to identify the challenges that an organisation is facing and finding the
best solution to resolve these challenges.

We’ve got it covered

If you’re thinking about transitioning to working in the cloud, you might be worried about accessing your old data or how your team will cope with learning new tools. We can help you
to understand how the process works and plan out a project to make the move as seamless
as possible. We have helped many organisations move and as a result have extensive
experience in helping with the change management involved in working with a new IT system.

Making the move

your needs

We take time to understand
the challenges that your
organisation is facing in order
to provide the most appropriate
solutions. Planning the project
in detail is key to ensure that
the changeover is as smooth
as possible.


We will handle the move
from your old system,
migrating all your data to
the new system. Minimising
disruption and allowing your
team to continue working
after the changeover is our
top priority.


Training will ensure that
your team is confident in
using the systems. We also
examine the different work-
flows in your organisation
and encourage your team
to discover better ways of
working with the new tools.


After the changeover project
is complete, we will be on-
hand to help iron out any
creases. We always recom-
mend that organisations
maintain a close relationship
with us so we can support
them over time.

Organisations Gone Google

Watch the videos below to see how different organisations are using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

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